Which College or University is right for me?

2016-04-07 00:00:00

Jesse Brownstein / Dianne Edits

A+ College Consultation Marketing Copy

March 15, 2016

Which College or University is right for me?

            High school juniors and seniors across the country ask themselves this question every year.  And yet, very few know how best to answer it.  When balancing the normal pressures of high school – academics, extracurricular activities, afterschool jobs, and social lives – starting the college application process can feel like a rather daunting task.  What’s more, schools can only provide students with so much help.  A counselor or teacher might be able to give each your child fifteen minutes of guidance before moving on to the next student.  This actually raises more questions about the process than providing the answers you seek!


ASC A+ College Consultation Program

Enter the A+ College Consultation Program at ASC.  ASC believes in your child’s success.  We provide the necessary coaching your student is not getting from their school.  Working with our trained educators and counselors, students are transformed into exceptional applicants as they figure out where they want to go to college, and even more importantly, how to get in.

            We focus on ensuring your student’s success.  Each student takes courses in test prep for either ACT or SAT.  There is also an Academic Writing course with a focus, not only on producing exemplary personal statements for each application, but also improving the critical thinking and writing skills necessary to thrive in college.

 Grades and SAT scores are important, and there is something else that is just as important.  Think about the application process – your student will be applying to a college that’s receiving thousands of other applications, many of them from students with similar qualifications.  The question remains, how does one differentiate themself from all those other applicants?


Today, the Personal Essay plays a huge role in the application process.  This essay allows students to show who you are on a personal level.  Content must be considered, but also tone, attitude and individuality is what can make your application jump out!  Each student will focus on how to produce the best personal essay


A unique and important part of the ASC College Consulting Program has your student participate in a college consultation workshop.  These workshops are both group-based and one-on-one sessions that provide individual coaching each student needs to accomplish their goals of getting into the school of their dreams.  We also keep YOU, the parent up to date on your student’s progress, keeping you informed provides you with the information you need as well. 


For 23 years, ASC has worked closely with parents to make family’s educational dreams come true.  ASC A+ is the answer to when you don’t know where to start, when schools offer little to no help, and when your child needs guidance.  This is our specialty.  The A+ College Consultation Program at ASC delivers all your student needs when embarking on this overwhelming, but incredibly important application process.  The thousands of students we have helped are a testament to what we do – feel free to ask any of our staff about the schools the students who attend ASC A+ programs attend – it is impressive! 

And so, when we think about that confusing, complex, and overwhelming question, “Which College or University is right for me?” you know you can find your answer at the ASC A+ College Consultation Program.

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