Wednesday, March 15, 2017

我们很高兴地告诉大家, 为了满足广大用户的需要,万家网和RCN的本地服务代表协商,为大家争取到了更多的好优惠。


1. 个性化服务,直接有专人服务,不需要在800 电话上等候...

2. 得到一个月的月费减免 on most of the packages (根据您选择的服务套餐而定)!这个优惠,只有通过我们专有的 Agent服务才能得到。

3. 我们的 Agent 可能还会提供一些额外的服务,那可是在RCN官方网站和800主线上不曾提供的啊!

4. 没有合同期限,没有取消服务处罚。

有兴趣的朋友请做如下登记, 与万家网合作的RCN 当地 agent 会用电话,短信或邮件在24小时之内与你直接联系的。


  1. 互联网套餐:网络带宽155Mbps! 费用$44.99/月;330Mbps每月$59.99;最新优惠 50Mbps 每月$29.99. 波士顿地区这个价位最划算速度最快的宽带服务! (租用Modem和Router $10/月,安装费$49.95)

  2. 基本有线电视套餐: 网络带宽155Mbps! 包with Tivo DVR/HD box , 费用$59.99/月,免费使用一个月! 免费安装! (不包括Modem和Router费用)

  3.  招牌有线电视套餐: 网络带宽155Mbps! 包with Tivo DVR/HD box , 费用$79.99/月,免费使用一个月! 免费安装! (不包括Modem和Router费用)

如果您准备选用RCN的服务,您可以得到一个月的月费减免 (根据你选择的服务套餐而定)!这个优惠,只有通过我们专用 Agent服务才能得到。请填写表中的每一项,RCN的本地Agent 会在24小时之内联系您!

(万家网不是RCN代理, 不保证安装时和安装后价格变动, 请安装前一定向RCN问清楚相关费用! 如有任何收费和售后服务问题请直接联系RCN!)

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    Wanjiaweb.com is very happy to share a great news with you: A great deal with RCN local agent service is for you now !!!

    Here is the list of benefits:

    1. Personal Service, no long waits on phone etc.

    2. Free Month on most of the packages, only available via our Agent setup.

    3. You may get extras and Add-ons we can offer not available online or by main RCN number.

    4. No contract and no cancellation penalties on RCN packages

    Most popular:

    Internet Only (Modern & Router are not included):

    NEW! $29.99/mo for 50mbps internet
    $59.99/mo for 330mbps (new speed/fastest in Boston)
    $44.99/mo for 155mbps internet
    *installation fee on Internet Only is $49.95, modem/router rental i $10/mo if needed.

    Cable/Internet Bundley (Best Savings!) (Modern & Router are not included)

    $59.99/mo for Limited Basic Cable with Tivo DVR/HD box and 155mbps internet
    $79.99/mo for Signature Cable with Tivo DVR/HD box and 155mbps internet
    *NO installation fee AND exclusive First Month Service Charge ($59.99) is FREE on both packages!

    Please fill the registration form. our RCN local Agent will contact you directly  within 24 hours.

    If you are ready to use RCM service, you will obtain Free Month Service Fee on certain packages only available via our Agent setup. Please fill every items in the form, the RCN local Agent will contact you within 24 hours.

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