CHA 希望公众捐献口罩及其它防护用品以应对 COVID-19 疫情


波士顿环球时报报道:Cambridge Health Alliance希望公众捐献口罩和其它防护用品以应对 COVID-19 疫情:

Cambridge Health Alliance accepting mask donations amid coronavirus pandemic

Like all hospitals during this outbreak of COVID-19, the Cambridge Health Alliance is facing a shortage of medical supplies, including personal protective equipment,” said alliance spokesman David Cecere in an email. “This is an unprecedented and unpredictable crisis, and we are pursuing different avenues to bolster and preserve our supplies so that we can meet the critical need and support our frontline staff.”

文中特别提到 3M和 KC Duckbill 两个牌子的 N95 口罩。同时也说明愿意接受任何品牌和级别的防护用品:

Specifically, Cecere said, the alliance is requesting N95 masks normally made by 3M or KC Duckbill, though CHA will accept any brand; paper masks with ties or elastic; and paper protective gowns.

这里是 Cambridge Health Alliance 官方网站:

欢迎有口罩资源的朋友和组织捐赠救急。防护用品可以drop off 在医院门口专门的盒子里。

点击以下地图可查看 Cambridge Health Alliance 各个医院地址:


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